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Terri Jones Salter, is author of the best selling novel Sins of My Mother which has been featured on the the George Lopez show and made into a cable television movie. For the last five years, Terri has served as the first lady of The Tabernacle in South Plainfield, NJ with her husband and pastor, De'Andre Salter. As a speaker, she exhorts audiences of women to surrender every aspect of their lives to Jesus Christ so they can experience wholeness and true peace. Terri is a multi-faceted writer and in her spare time she writes poetry, picture books and plays. Her family includes four beautiful children.

Reader Feedback

From the very first page, this book grabs your attention. I could hardly put it down. As a matter of fact, I finished the entire book in two days. The things Angela had to face just drew me in. There were times I was rooting for her and other times when I wanted to smack her… oooh and that Jackie- what a selfish, hateful person she was. This book is filled with drama and humor. I laughed, I cried and in the end, it left me filled with hope. I would highly recommend this book to every woman I know…as a matter of fact, I already have.

unknown Amazon.com customer

This book is very powerful. I could see reflection of my own childhood as I read about Rosa and her sisters. I was also raised by my grandmother until she died when I was ten, and the similarities of Rosa and her sisters life, were bone chillingly similar to my own. This book mirrored my life in many ways and although I continued my relationship with God after my grandmother died, there were many time I doubted him, because of the hurt and pain my brother, sister and I endured as children. I believe the past has made me the strong black woman that I am today, and I try to encourage other women and young girls, who have endure similar hurdles in their life. Sins of My Mother is a very real and thought provoking book, I literally could not put it down. I completed this book in a day and a half, it is simply brilliant. The final chapter had me in tears, because it was only about two years ago, that, I had to completely surrender my will to God, and total except his will in my life. This is one of the hardest things and strong willed independent sister could ever do; but God will take you to a place and point in your life, where you will run to him, and give it all over to him.
God bless you Terri Salter.

V. Watkins "Blessed" (North Carolina)

I thought that this was an excellent book. It touched on how history will allow itself to repeat if we don’t recongnize it. Also touched on the fact that we do not have to carry our burdens alone. All we have to do it let go and let GOD. I really wish that she writes a sequel just to see how the remaining sisters survive. Now that Dorothy has passed (such a terrible death, I had a tear come out my eye) And Jackie is in the streets, and Brandy, Angie, and Gina are getting their lives together.

Myemyemye "Mye" (New York)

This book is a very real Christian novel of proverty and chaos.The mother gave birth to four daughters which she didn’t know how to love. She is fighting her own demons.Angela,who is the main character tries to keep the family together even if it means letting them use her for their own selfish needs.Upon completing this book in one day, “AWESOME” What a great book. Pass it on.

A. Johnson "book loan" (houston,tx)

I was drawn to this book because of its cover. Once I picked it up, I could not put it down. It proved to be a very easy read and I experienced a full range of emotion while reading it. I laughed, I got angry, I cried. Every now and then you find a book that really impacts you. This is definitely one of those books.

Anonymous (October 8, 2004)




Cathy Hughes, CEO of Radio One and TV One
Joe Madison, Host of The Joe Madison Show, XM Radio 169

“I hope you’re planning to continue the story of that family.  It certainly can be a series and I would be the first to purchase the next book.”

Vikki Johnson, Host of I'm Every Woman Show, Heaven 1580

“I want to know if there is a part 2 to this book it just has to be too much still needs to be said. PRAY ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!  I am not a reader but i could hardly put it down, i have trouble reading for a long period of time, but this was awesome and I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  There has to be a sequel we have to find out who was in their grandparents yard holding the newspaper that she found his eyes to be familiar, could it be her father or not, i just have to know.  I am looking to part 2.”

C. Purse from Atlanta

I read the first chapter of your book and it was informative.  Until now, I thought that the society you belong to does not care…..I think writing about social problems should be the objective of all writers, like you, and should pinpoint that these “sins” are why we are not happy from inside.

Zeeshan from Pakistan, India