More women are working in the workplace than ever before (working just as hard as men and making 60 % of what they make); There are more female headed households than ever before: More women are taking care of parents- Some older women are raising grandchildren and great grandchildren…women are juggling raising children, family, career, the cultivation of social relationships, romance and many times, higher education goals…all things to all people

When all those pressures collide with our commitment to nurture, you have the perfect recipe for an eminent mental breakdown.  Yes, stress (anxiety, pressure; trying to fix things you’re supposed to be relinquishing), toxic relationships (pursuing or remaining in relationships that are bad for us) and repetitive dysfunction (self destructive behaviors perpetuated from one relationship to the next or one generation to the next…instead of learning from mistakes, memorializing them (setting up shrines)) leave voids in our lives-gaps in our peace, a hiatus in our joy, but we can leave holes behind in exchange for wholeness.

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