"Lady T Casual"My ministry is to the unloved women; the hurting women; the broken women.    It is for them, I have come into the earth…to let them know they are loved by God and through His love they can be healed and made whole

~ Terri Jones Salter a.k.a Lady T

The Mission of Sins of My Mother

Sins of My Mother is a book for women who feel unloved, underappreciated and overwhelmed by family issues; those who have tried to be everything to everybody and in the process, lost their sense of personal identity; those who feel they’re drowning in a sea of other people’s worries, cares and expectations.  In short, people pleasers who never find the validation they so desperately seek.  The mission of the book is to let these people know that their life can change and that true joy and peace is theirs for the taking if they relinquish control, explore themselves, pursue balance and embrace change.


A Sista’s 10 Point Manifesto

  1.  I believe that women are nurturers by nature and as such, commit themselves to improving the quality of life for all those around them.  But, I also believe that if this commitment is left unmanaged, it can easily cross the line and transform into control and manipulation.  When those around them don’t succumb to their “control” or “guilt invoking” tactics, they end up feeling bitter, resentful and depressed.  Those who don’t fall into that trap, sometimes end up at the other end of the spectrum- becoming door mats…they bow to everyone else’s desires and whims at the expense of their own personal happiness and fulfillment.  As a result (though they may never say a venomous word), those women end up “burnt out”, bitter, resentful and you guessed it, depressed.
  2. I believe that women, while trying to help others, must realize that they cannot control anyone but themselves (be an assistant, not an assailant-THE VISUAL: pouncing on them, hurling them to the floor, saying, ‘I’m going to help you whether you like it or not’).
  3. I believe women cannot effectively take care of others until they first learn to take care of themselves.
  4. I believe that women must realize that balance is where wholeness lives.
  5. I believe that women must realize that every good thing may not be good for them.
  6. I believe that women must realize that if they want to enter healthy relationships where people are genuinely interested in getting to know them, they must first be willing to get to know themselves.
  7. I believe women must never base their identity on the opinions of others and never equate  their worth with their popularity( Edgar Allen Poe died penniless; Rod Sterling was considered a quack; Martin Luther King was assassinated; Christ was crucified)
  8. I believe that women must internalize the fact that peace is not random gift, it is a committed decision.
  9. I believe women must realize that their beginning does not dictate their ending (it’s never too late to be the woman you could’ve been…God wrote your script with alternate endings…as long as there’s life in the body, there is always hope).
  10. I believe women must be lovingly confrontational (communicate, don’t speculate) with others and brutally honest with themselves.